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Most of the energy for a hospitality venue is focused on front of house and serving the customer. But if back of house is neglected, it can cause problems for the whole venue

Ever had the feeling that there is just not enough hours in the day. I know very few managers who have not, at some stage, felt this way. There is more and more paperwork that is expected from a venue, not just legally but also to owners and shareholders. This often means that managers spend so much time in the office that they dont manage the floor. There are obviously some aspects that need to be covered by the team internally, but there are a number of different administrative services that we offer that will free up your time to focus on what is really important. We also work with a number of specialists, including accountants and health and safety professionals, who can help you keep on top of the legal requirements for the venue. We can bridge the gap between you and our specialists, so you are not tied up with paperwork and can focus on the things that are important.

'We can streamline your systems and create business structure'

Sometimes when you open a restaurant or a bar, there is a very small team who try and do everything. This can be very cost effective to start with, but often it means that staff naturally do what they are good at and other areas get over looked. There is a time where it is important to put the structures in place. Often people refer to this as moving from a 'family business to a commercial business'. We have worked with companies to set out organisational structures, job descriptions and targets as they have expanded. We also help develop the systems that support your business in the background, so that you have a clear understanding of your business today and where it is heading, ensuring that you have the right controls in place, so that you can monitor profitability.