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Marketing Strategy | Sales Strategy

Sales and Marketing are often lumped together. But they're two different disciplines. Both can make a huge impact on your business. So do them well, make the impact a good one

Once upon a time, marketing was as simple as planning radio and print campaigns. While these avenues are still there, technology has created a wide range of options available to us, which increases every day. Choice can be good. However, sometimes it's hard to know what the most effective platforms to use to reach your clients are. Often businesses dive into all of them and end up doing none of them well. In some cases jumping on every platform can actually be counter productive and make if hard to measure effectiveness. You need to be strategic with your marketing.

Before implementing any marketing or sales plan, make sure that your venue and staff are ready to give great service and then your customers will give good reviews. Before the age of social media, people use to recommend or complain to 10 others about their experiences. Now 1 of their 10 is tripadvisor and another is facebook and or twitter, so their audience is far greater. It is crucial to be good at what you do. Word of mouth is and will always be one of the most effective marketing tools you can have and its for free.

There is no winning formula for every venue, but there are some basic foundations that are generic.

Marketing Strategy

All of these aspects play an important role in the developing of your marketing strategy. They help you structure your plan, monitor milestones and adjust your plans so that it is cost effective (ROI) and efficient for your business. A Marketing plan is an organic, ever changing strategy, that needs to be reassessed in a timely manner

SWOT Analysis

Knowing your businesses Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats is the foundation to a robust marketing strategy. It may even open up some other options

Company Branding

Don't stop at your logo when branding, Brand everything. It will help you shape you marketing and business strategy as well. Put your branding on anything to do with the venue.

Public Relations

PR can be a very good way of reaching a wider audience, and is more than just a good press release. It means targeting the right journalists in the right media for your demographic

Sales Strategy

Marketing will help create a sales funnel, however to get the best conversion, having a proactive element in your sales strategy will keep those in charge of sales focussed and on target

Social Media

Social Media is one of the biggest growth areas in marketing, however to make the most of this, you need to make sure that all the other aspects of marketing are tied into your strategy

There are a number of different ways that our consultants can help you with your marketing plan. We can facilitate workshops for the people responsible for marketing within your business, co-ordinate certain aspects of the strategy or create the whole marketing strategy for you. We work with your skill sets to create the right plan for your venue.