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We believe your major asset is your staff. Investing in them helps to ensure you can truly transform your venue

Many of us have worked our way up in the hospitality industry from positions such as Kitchen Porter through to Operations Management. With progression, some steps are a steady increase in responsibility, while others can draw on a completely different skill set. Managers need to be given the 'soft' skills to effectively make a difference and fulfill their role. This is so crucial to the success of the venue, the individual and the team. However sometimes there is no time for personalised training.

'What got you here, wont get you there.
For example, just because someone is a good bartender, it does not mean they will be a good bar manager.'

When promoting from within, selecting the right people to fill vacant roles should be based on a number of different aspects, not just that they are knowledgable or are competent at their current role. We can help you define what requirements you will need for different positions within the company, so you can find a good fit. Once someone is promoted or employed, then they need to be developed, and given the right tools to competently perform their jobs. We offer coaching and mentoring for managers that cover a wide array of competencies including general operation of the venue, reporting functions and people management.

One of the reasons why we recommend some form of coaching or mentoring, especially if we are helping you turn around your business, is so that you have the right toolbox to maintain and potentially develop your venue. Often we find that there are areas of the business that need to be thought of differently to ensure that this can happen. By putting the structures in place, training staff and mentoring management, it gives your business the best possible chance to be effective and profitable.