Mystery Shopper

The Helping Hand in Hospitality

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All industries have some kind of audit attached to them. Having fresh eyes look at your business can help identify areas to focus on and also let you know how your staff react when you are not around.

Every day customers walk through your doors for the very first time. They all look at different aspects of your business. Different areas will be important to them and will let them evaluate whether they will return. But when you and your staff come in they are focussed on work and how the shift will run and will not necessarily notice the same things.

Although customers are important, we know they do not always behave nicely or even politely, but it is important that the staff have a consistant way of dealing with people. This is one of the reasons why mystery shopping is important. It helps provide consistancy.

Hospitality is known for its long hours, but even then you can not be in your venue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Employees will naturally act differently when you are not there, but what is important is that the level of customer service does not diminish. This is why more and more managers are investing in mystery shoppers. They can use it as a tool to improve service and maintain consistancy.

Our mystery shopper service includes the following area:

Venue appearance

When you work in a place, day in day out, you become blind to your surroundings. But your customers come in with fresh eyes. We evaluate both internal and external aspects of your venue, and offer suggestions


We break down service into a number of different areas, so that you can identify areas for training or for changes to systems. These include;

Bar service
Restaurant service
Suggestive selling
Staff interaction

We provide a full report, analysis and recommendations after each visit.