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Here are some of our generalised Frequently Asked Questions.

It is getting tougher and tougher to manage costs within venues, especially smaller venues. The public have higher expectations and use an array of different resources at their fingertips to help them choose where they will go. As a manager or an owner you can not look after all aspects of your business and most of the time you can not employ a wide range of people to look after all the different aspects, as it is too costly. But now you can use consultants to target those area's that are being missed.
Sometimes you will know exactly what needs doing, but you just wont have the time. Othertimes you can not pin point exactly what is wrong and need some fresh eyes to look at things for you. When a consultant looks at your business, often they can make some suggestions on where improvements can be made and then you can decide together how to move forward.
Some consultancy's specialise in particular area's. This can be good if you know what area's you want to target. Others are more general. When embarking on a project that may involve different area's of the business, make sure that the consultancy you use has worked within the hospitality industry before and understands the business. Consultants that specialise in finance and do not understand the industry may make suggestions that will be detrimental to your business in the long run, but may be good in the short term if you want to sell the business quickly. All consultancy's can offer something. Also remember that a consultancy will make suggestions and you may not always like them. Will you be able to listen and implement their suggestions? That is something to think about when meeting the consultants.
Often the best time to get a consultant in, is actually the time you can not afford one. This is when they can make a real difference to a business. So cost will always be a consideration. But there are two main questions to ask. Is the business willing to change? Are you willing to listen to someone and make the changes?
Although we are a consultancy, Eureka takes a different approach to how we work. We are a development consultancy, which means we provide business solutions for your venues, during a coaching process. It is important that we give you the training which ensures that you can not only implement the suggestions that we make, but also that you understand the why, so that you can identify opportunities in the future. We offer the level of consultancy that you require, for the stage that you are at in your business. Do you want structures, do you want things documented, do you want managers trained or do you want to be able to contact us ongoing for advice. The answer is yes to each or all of those scenarios.