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Opening a venue is an exciting time, but it can be daunting too

When you open a venue, it is a time that you can create something that is new and has your own personal touch. For some it is the realisation of a dream, for others it is expanding what they currently have. Either way there is so much to think about when launching in to this type of project. Even the most seasoned manager can over look a small detail with so many things to contemplate.

Our consultants have opened many restaurants and bars, in many different areas, both within the UK and internationally. Everywhere is different and requires a different approach. You may or may not have an idea for a theme or the general feel you would like from your venue.  We can help you develop those areas and understand what is important to you.  We can meet with you and take you through the process, help with different parts of opening a venue or look after the opening from concept to the launch party.

'Our consultants like to spend time with your company to fully understand your vision,and can co-ordinate workshops to ensure that your concepts are fully flushed out.'

Part of this process is to make sure that all aspects of the vision are realistic and achievable and show approximate costs and time frames. We can project manage from inception to the launch and opening month or we can look after certain aspects of the opening for you. We can also train staff on how to implement systems for later openings. Part of our serivce for opening a venue, consists of issuing a checklist and putting a system in place that allows all stakeholders to follow the progress of the opening. We tend to do this on an individual basis due to venues being unique.

'The actual physical opening is only one aspect of the business strategy that needs to occur. Then comes the 'what happens now'.

After the doors are open and the launch party is over, it is important to maintain the energy. People visit new places, but after a week or two, a robust marketing and business strategy comes into play. LISTEN, LEARN and ADAPT within the concept, should be kept in mind until the business is established. These steps are all combined in the opening strategy.

We can train managers to help organise this and train staff in different elements of this to ensure a strong group of customers are won and retained. Part of this also includes making sure that the front of house staff are well trained before launch and that they are updated on any changes made in the first few weeks of trade. Ultimately it is about a great opening and a profitable life for your business